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Domain Categories Price
TIMEWASTER.COM General, Humour, Games, Commercial $75000
RECRUITYOU.COM Employment, Professional, Industry $35000
ROADSWEEPER.COM Professional, Industry, Commercial, Hygiene, Humour $34000
GAMERIP.COM Games, Sports $25000
CLICKINGADS.COM Advertising, Marketing, Internet, Economy $22000
BUSYFORUM.COM Community, Discussion, Forums, Internet $18000
GIVEUPDRUGS.COM Health, Drugs $14000
WEBGIRLIES.COM Adult, XXX, Sex, Women, Dating $8000
TUTORIALTIPS.COM Education $8000
WORLDSTUNTS.COM Entertainment, Events $3600
KEEPSHOPPING.CO.UK Shopping, Commercial $3500
NEWTRANSCRIPTS.COM Entertainment, Transcripts $3000
NEWSHOPPING.CO.UK Commercial, Shopping $2800
HORNYROOM.COM Adult, XXX, Sex, Dating, Socialising $2500
TRANSCRIPTSWEB.COM Entertainment, TV, Film, Radio, Transcripts $2400
BUDGETADVERTISER.COM Advertising, Marketing, Internet, Economy $2000
OFFERWEB.CO.UK Shopping, Commercial $2000
WIIING.COM Games, Entertainment, Electronics, Wii $2000
ITSDB.COM Internet, Database $1700
PHOTOSPOOF.COM Fun, Humour, Comedy $1600
COURSE-NOTES.CO.UK Education, Studying, University $1500
NINTENDO-DS-LITE.COM Games, Entertainment, Electronics, Nintendo DS $1200
BUYTFTs.COM Electronics, Computers, Hardware, Monitors $1000
NEEDAWATCH.COM Commercial, Jewellery, Accessories, Clothing $800
PIMPMYDS.COM Games, Electronics, Fun $750
REVREVIEW(S).COM Entertainment, Motoring $500
CHANNELMII.COM Games, Electronics, Wii $500
NINTENDO-DS-LITE.CO.UK Games, Entertainment, Electronics, Nintendo DS $500
WIIDECALS.COM Games, Entertainment, Electronics, Wii $450
WIIWIND Games, Entertainment, Electronics, Wii $350
HOBOorNOT.COM Comedy, Humour, Fun $250
WIIWEATHER.COM Games, Entertainment, Electronics, Wii $250
WIINEWSCHANNEL.COM Games, Entertainment, Electronics, Wii $250
WIIFORECAST.COM Games, Entertainment, Electronics, Wii $250
REVSTATION.COM Motoring, Entertainment $150

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